ATR Type Rating training is currently completed at the Simtech training facility near Dublin Airport. We may be able to offer ground school and/or simulator training at alternative locations at the operators' request. We aim to complete the type rating within 5 weeks.

Core training is completed on the ATR 72-500 (212A) variant with an option to complete Differences Training to the following variants:

  • ATR 42 - 300
  • ATR 42 - 500
  • ATR 72 - 200
  • ATR 42 - 600 (coming soon)
  • ATR 72 - 600 (coming soon)

Skyblue also has the approval to conduct Low Visibility Training as part of the initial type rating enabling pilots to add "LV" to their rating.

The majority of our Simulator Instructors/Examiners are Native English speakers and are able to assist you to improve your English whilst training.